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Editorial Support Services From the Scientific Support Center

The Scientific Support Center is practiced at managing external review processes for projects of various sizes and needs, from small journals to large national groups. The Scientific Support Center currently coordinates the external review process for the Portland VA’s Evidence-based Synthesis Program and the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality’s Effective Health Care Program. The Scientific Support Center provides:

  • Independence and confidentiality: The IOM standards for external review make clear the importance of protecting the confidentiality of reviewers, unless these rights have been waived. The Scientific Support Center has experience in conducting both blinded and nonblinded review processes.
  • System for ensuring integrity: The Scientific Support Center uses software that allows for easy tracking of email correspondence and all reviewer and editor comments. Version history is controlled, making it simpler to ensure that authors consider and respond to comments
  • Correspondence with reviewers: As part of independent review, the Scientific Support Center manages reviewer recruitment, including sending invitations, reminders, followup about timelines, thank-you emails, etc., and responding to any questions or concerns reviewers may have.
  • Customizable online software: The Scientific Support Center is experienced in configuring software to meet the specific needs of different review processes, including multiple levels of editor review; stages of internal review before, during, and after external review; collection of authorship forms; conflict of interest procedures; exportation of manuscripts to a publisher; review of revisions; and other features that can be custom developed with each group or journal.

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